Alpaga dans les montagnes péruviennes

Gods' wool


Baby Alpaca wool is rightly considered the best fiber in the world. Its unique properties make it an exceptional product, upgrading the most common wools.

Its name refers to the fineness of the fiber, which must be between 18 and 22 microns. For comparison, a human hair is on average 70 microns.




Up to four times stronger than wool, its durability and resistance to deformation are remarkable. Entirely hollow due to the adaptation of the alpaca to an extreme environment, the fibers of Baby Alpaca have an excellent thermoregulatory capacity - up to seven times warmer than sheep's wool! - and an airy lightness.

Completely hypoallergenic, it is suitable for the most sensitive skin as it is free of lanolin, the allergenic substance contained in all other wools


Eco-friendly, it requires no bleaching or chemical treatment whatsoever and its carbon footprint is minimal thanks to the lifestyle of the alpaca.


A mythical animal, the alpaca has been bred in the same way for ages: they lives in herds and move totaly free. Apart from the mowing period, the alpaca is entirely autonomous, it evolves, living in the breathtaking landscapes of the Andean plateau.


Unlike other farm animals, alpacas emit very few greenhouse gases. It does not destroy the ground it roams thanks to small pads located under its legs and it grazes the grass without tearing the roots, thus promoting rapid regrowth.

Once a pillar of Inca culture, the alpaca still occupies an important place in Peruvian society, particularly in rural communities in the Andes, for which it is an important source of income.

The Wool of the Gods

Historically, alpaca wool was crucial in the development of the Inca civilization. Among other uses, the Andean communities used and still use alpaca wool today to make clothes that are very resistant to the cold and suitable for manual work.


If the production of alpaca wool is around 5,000 tons today, compared to more than two million tons for sheep's wool, only 1.5% of this production is labeled "Baby Alpaca", a guarantee of exclusivity and quality.

It is this wool that was intended for the Inca emperors, incarnations of the gods. As soft as silk, fine and warm, resistant and rare. It is this wool that we offer you.

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