Qui sommes-nous?

Who are we?

Who are we ?

Créateurs Lear-Alpaga Armin Grauvogel et Leo Dufrénoy

We are two French expatriates living for 7 years on the Andean Higlands. We met on the shores of Lake Titicaca, around a common passion, gastronomy. We used the same recipes for create LEAR, quality product, a mixture of quality, creativity time. Epicurean at heart, we are passionate about great food and beautiful things. For us, beauty must rhyme with quality, respect and passion. During all these years, we have never stopped surround ourself with passionate people with whom we share the love of a well done job and the perpetual search for perfection. On the strength of all his enriching encounters, and then we have succeeded in beeing an amazing team. In order to fulfill the most beautiful project of our life, named LEAR.


Apart from the human side, living on the Andean highlands is a real chance. This dreamlike environment has allowed us to stimulate our imagination and creativity throughout these years. Of its exceptional landscapes from it's unique architecture not to mention it'smystical culture , everything was gathered for, LEAR to emerge from the shores of Lake Titicaca like did the first Inca. Both being great creatives, in love with aesthetics and beauty, our gaze inevitably turned to one of the most beautiful treasures from the Inca culture: Baby Alpaca wool. Fulfilling all the criteria ethical, human and ecological anchored in us, it was impossible for us not to share this wealth. Apart from these values, we have created strong links with each of the craftman who work in there small workshop. Our products are the result of a strong and harmonious cooperation. LEAR is only at the beginning of a long story that we are going to write with you.

LEAR is proud to introduce its partners, you can click to each photo for discover their stories.

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