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At the house of LEAR, we do not follow "Slow Fashion", we have no stock, and all our garment are only produced on request. Two main reasons for this, the first ecological and the second economic.

In therms of ecology ,the fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries on the planet, in addition to its releases of chemical products, one of the major problem it encounters is the tons of unsold products destined to be thrown away. We don't want to take part in this environmental nonsense . Everything we produce is meant to be worn.

Economically, it goes without saying that the creation of a stock is passed on the final cost. With Lear, you will only pay the right price for your product. This allows us to offer you a product of luxury at an affordable price.

The duration of order depends on several factors. We work with a top quality products which production is rare and restricted, moreover the craftsmanship takes a long time.

In the same ecological concern, they are quotas on removal of the fiber as well as the non-industrial production of it. In addition, traditional methods are accorded the utmost respect. Manual labour, concerns for quality and details matter and take time. We pay attention to our garments right from the production till the delivery. Consequently, the order duration can vary from a garmont to another, according to the product rarity and the technical difficulty of creating a garment.




Our parts are unique and numbered, all models have a fixed production quantity that is not exceeded. We consider each of our models as unique designer garment that are not intended to have mass production or consumption. 

This concept allows us to be closer to you and demanding concerning the quality of the garments we offer you. So that each of them will be perfect when you receive it.


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